Resilience & Grace

Meditation: Heart Center

December 20, 2021 Mary McCarthy Season 4 Episode 62
Resilience & Grace
Meditation: Heart Center
Show Notes

According to the yoga tradition, the heart is the doorway to the sacred. It is the fountainhead of lasting peace and grace. This meditation is dedicated to guiding you to it.

The luminosity of the light of the heart gathers in the center of the mind and this light is guided from the midbrain to the cave of the heart. As your body breathes in, you feel the light expand, and as the body breathes out, it contracts back to the heart center. In the final stage of the practice, you rest in the heart, the seat of grace.

Thank you for listening and practicing these ancient yoga teachings with me.

This is the final episode in season number 4. I am taking a break from publishing podcast episodes at the end of 2021 to collect and gather new content and meditations for you to enjoy.  I will return sometime in 2022 for season number 5.

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Om Shant, Shanti, Shanti.