Resilience & Grace

Benefits of Practicing Yoga Outdoors

June 26, 2022 Mary McCarthy Season 5 Episode 67
Resilience & Grace
Benefits of Practicing Yoga Outdoors
Show Notes

While yoga studios are often relaxing, quiet, climate-controlled Zen environments, nothing can beat warm sunshine on your face, a gentle breeze on your skin, and the smell of cut grass and its coolness under the soles of your feet. 

In this episode, Mary shares 5 benefits of practicing yoga outside the studio or home. 

  1. Heightens your connection to nature.
  2. Strengthens your balance skills.
  3. Deepens your meditation practice.
  4. Enhances your ability to soak in the view.
  5. Transports your yoga practice. 

The magic of yoga is that it can be done anywhere at anytime.

Mary and Megan Reuther met onsite to talk about the benefits of outdoor yoga for a Wellness Wednesday segment on Hello Iowa. Listen here:

Check out where Mary will be teaching outdoor yoga next on her Special Events page.